N-1 (2004)

This video was originally made for the song "Unbranded" but it's been re-used here to accompany the track "N-1" from the 2012 album EXIT STRATEGY. Made using a completely reskinned version of Wolfenstein 3D. The inset footage of Bryan playing the game was shot with a Gameboy camera.

Here, we replaced Castle Wolfenstein with a Niketown store, the soldiers with Nike employees, and the boss became Michael Jordan. The powerups are Adbusters logos and copies of the first Larvae album, Fashion Victim!

Egg - A Scary Short

I heard about Studio360's Scary Short Film Fest on NPR and figured that I should round up a team to put a little movie together. We shot our entry over a weekend in Bastrop State Park (also the site of David Gordon Green's Prince Avalanche) and it was ultimately selected by the Studio360 team and by Wes Craven as one of the top 10 entries in the contest!

Egg from Matthew Jeanes on Vimeo.