Mogwai 05/11/2011

Mogwai 2011

I moved to Austin in March of 2011 and the transition wasn't easy. I didn't really know anyone. I was trying to leave a job of nine years behind but I didn't know what was going to come next. Just about everything in my life had been uprooted. Thankfully, there was still Mogwai.

The summer of 2011 was a hot one in Austin, Texas. One of the hottest on record. Dressed in a button up shirt, jeans, and my funkiest pair of kicks, I didn't really plan for the heat and humidity of an outdoor show in Austin in May.

Mogwai took the stage just after sundown and it was still plenty hot. As much as I love the band, I couldn't pay attention. I was focused on whether or not the posters would sell out. I could smell the Stubb's BBQ. I was distracted by my own sweat. I wondered if I would see anyone in the crowd that I'd met or seen online since I moved.

By the end of the night, I left glad to have seen one of my favorite bands but worried that Austin would remain an uncomfortable and kind of isolating place. In the six years since, we've never endured a summer quite that blistering again and Mogwai has been back to play at indoor venues, so it's all sort of worked out.