Garbage - 03/01/2006

Garbage 1996

Though the ticket lists The Rentals as the opening act, I have no recollection of seeing them. I love The Rentals, perhaps not as much as my friend Missy, but I would have certainly tried to catch them had they played. I had two main motivations for checking out this show. The first was that a friend of mine from the dorm in Tallahassee was a huge Garbage fan, the only person other than me that I knew who collected all the odd 3" CD singles and b-side tracks, and he wanted to go pretty badly. The second was that I had talked to my friends from Rabbit in the Moon and I had heard that Garbage would be opening their set with the RITM remix of "Queer."

That second motivation turned out to be mostly correct--the band opened their set with some loops and an intro that was from the RITM mix and then launched into the more rock-oriented version of "Queer" and it was pretty cool to see. Around this time, Rabbit in the Moon was starting to have remixes published by big names in the pop music world. It was one thing to have a dance-only 12" with their name on it, but quite something else for an internationally distributed CD Single from a major pop band to sport "Rabbit in the Moon" in the credits. I was stoked.

I've always loved watching friends go on to do great things. I've been lucky enough to be around a lot of talented people who have turned their passion for music or art or writing or science into big work that is enjoyed or used or seen by lots of people. There's something about accomplishments on that scale that I find appealing, but it's not the fame. Dave from RITM couldn't have been more humble and out-of-the-way about his accomplishment as Butch Vig was firing off loops of his remix to a sold out crowd at the State Theater. It wasn't the fame and the recognition that I admired, it was the scale of the work that had stretched beyond what seemed reasonably possible into the realm of "I can't believe this is happening." To know that friends and colleagues have worked on big and sometimes important projects, or with well-known and visionary producers, directors, and scientists is exciting for me. I've had a small bit of luck with that myself, but I think I enjoy watching others peak above their own expectations for themselves even more than I do experiencing that myself!