Hooverphonic - 12/10/1998

Hooverphonic 1998

I don't remember buying a ticket for this, I only remember thinking that Underwater should have opened the show. I'm trying to recall a Hooverphonic song now and the only thing I'm coming up with is a Dot Allison song from around the same time or maybe a few years later. After Portishead and Tricky, there was a trip hop explosion of bands like Hooverphonic. To be fair to them (because Underwater was in a bit of the same boat,) I'm sure that they had nothing to do with being lumped in with the trip hop masses other than the fact that they rode the wave where it was going at the time. I think that after Massive Attack's Mezzanine came out, the game was up and people couldn't play the 'they are like the new Portishead' card anymore. Besides, most of the bands like Hooverphonic never had much to do with the Portishead/Tricky/Massive Attack aesthetic--they just had female singers and laid-back songs and sometimes that's all an undiscerning audience or writer needs to come up with a label, marketing plan, and concert tour.