Orbital - 07/11/1996

Orbital 1996

I can barely remember this show at all which means it must not have been all that special. Somehow, Orbital became a band I saw quite a few times despite the fact that I didn't own any of their albums and didn't know many of their songs. I wound up buying the brown album on cassette sometime in college, and I got a kick out of the Star Trek samples in "The Mobius," but that was about it. I always liked the way they performed, but the music outside of that live setting never did much for me.

Though the ticket says "Voyourspace" I think that the opening act was in fact Vapourspace, maybe doing some kind of voyuer themed performance? I actually had a Vapourspace album but I couldn't pick it out in an audio lineup of ambient-minded techno records if you paid me. I bought a lot of ambient techno in the early nineties and I never found much of it to be good for anything other than falling asleep to.

In fact, the only thing about this show that I remember with any clarity is the set-ending version of SATAN that Orbital played. I believe this was around the time that they were experimenting with mashing up remixes into their set finale and for some reason I'm remembering Orbtial mixed with Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer." Come to think of it, that was probably one of the first mashup style remixes I ever heard live. his might have been one of those shows that I went to with my other college roommate, Anthony, because he was a huge Orbital fan.

Wow, on this one, I've really got nothin'.