Faith - 10/09/1993

Faith 1993

Rave at the Civic Center! Rave at the Civic Center! This was the apex of Rave culture hitting the mainstream. It was right up there with the 90210 Rave at the Peach Pit. Yes, nothing says illicit underground dance party like buying your ticket from Ticketmaster, having it ripped by someone who's used to ushering Florida State Basketball fans through the turnstiles, then trapsing through multiple layers of security and ushers to get to the center of a 13,000 seat arena hosting about 1000 curious people wondering what a Rave was about.

I think that the only two reasons I was going to this were that A)Rabbit in the Moon were headlining and I wanted to hang out with my friend Steve (the Bunny) and B)There was a girl in my dorm that I was trying to woo and she seemed vaguely interested in going to an all-night dance party as long as I paid for everything.

That second reason, as I soon found out, is probably never a good reason to go to a gig. Not only was this girl not into the show (she seemed to barely register a pulse most of the time so this wasn't surprising,) but she kept asking if we could leave after about an hour. You know, I wasn't asking for a lot; I didn't figure that a ticket to a rave in the civic center was a ticket for anything else, but I kind of expected her to appreciate that I paid for the tickets and that my friend's band was playing and so I'd like to stick around to see them. As the night wore on, she just seemed to get more and more disinterested and distant which was a real stretch for someone who's idea of opening up included picking up the phone when it rang and saying, 'yeah?'

So that didn't end well. I forced us to stay to see some of Rabbit in the Moon at which point she was clearly pissed and then we walked back to the dorm. What started with a bad idea ended with a grumpy walk home. I don't remember if this was the exact end of speaking terms with this girl who was so bland that I don't even remeber her name, but it must have been close. The moral of the story: don't throw a rave at the civic center!