Ministry - 12/11/1992

Ministry 1992

My two greatest memories from this gig are of the trip to get to Orlando in which my friend Dave peed into a Gatorade bottle so that we wouldn't have to stop the car, and of a moment in the pit when the strobe lights made it very hard to see which nearly resulted in me getting killed.

I'm not sure why the trip to Orlando for this show was such an ordeal, but for some reason we got a late start and traffic was bad and one thing after another meant that we were going to be late. There were quite of few of my friends from Tampa making the trip out to Orlando for the only central Florida Ministry show, and we were carpooling but we were running way behind. I think we got to the venue right before Ministry went on, which means that we missed Helmet and Sepultura (two bands I would see at other shows anyway.)

So, not wanting to stop, Dave decided to relieve himself into an empty Gatorade bottle which was then tossed from the car to explode on I4 (back in the glass bottle days) as was our tradition. Tossing the bottles that is--pissing in them was a new one!

At the show, the bulk of the audience was caged into the floor area which erupted into a violent mass of bodies slamming together anytime Ministry made any sound come out of the speakers. I don't enjoy that sort of thing on principle, but with the right amount of blasting metal and heavy kick drums, even that kind of mayhem has its place.

But the combination of a fenced-in floor and a light show that tended to drop all lights other than a massive bank of strobes whenever there was a blast section to a song created some real danger. I remember my friend Page getting out of the pit when a skinhead came flying at him first first, illuminated only in flashes as the strobes left the room dark for enough milliseconds to make keeping up with the ever-moving throngs impossible. I had a few brushes with guys bouncing around like bowling balls in a giant, poorly-lit washing machine and I too felt like maybe I'd had enough. I had never considered a black eye or cut lip a good concert memento and I didn't want to start that night.