It's a new year, and with that will come new things for For one thing, the movie reviews will cease. They've been a popular feature here, but the whole thing was an experiment that Bryan bailed on half-way through the year, and that I found to get more and more tedious. The idea was to track all the movies we saw in the theater, but as time wore on I found myself trying to get out to see movies more often just for the sake of having something to update. Initially the movie page was kind of a cinema diary, not really 'reviews' or critical analysis--just a list of what movies we saw and a few thoughts about them. Over time, I think the pressure to write SOMETHING about each and every film turned it into a kind of hackneyed critics' corner, which is not what I ever wanted to happen, so it's done. For the record though, I saw 42 films theatrically in 2004, but I saw Napoleon Dynamite three times, so that kicks it up to 44 screenings. This seems like a lot to me, but it isn't even one per week. I'll probably see just as many films in 2005, but hopefully less mediocre ones and I'll probably see Revenge of the Sith enough times to count as its own category of entertainment.

I hope to update the rest of the site more often this year, including providing more of o ur live videos for download, sound clips of new and unreleased tracks, and more news about Larvae-related things. As always, the "Think" page will be the placeholder for any and all ramblings and rants and rebuttles, so if you ever find yourself with something to add, argue, or comment on, send me an email to m jeanes at this domain (no spaces). Thanks to everyone who has been checking in periodically.