One of my neighbors has a sign in his yard that says "Neither for President 2008". I would have gladly thrown this sign up in my own yard during the last election, but I was struggling to figure out who wouldn't be able to stomach either of the current candidates. The only possibilities that I could come up with were 1.)People so far to the right of McCain that they see him as a wimp and 2.)People who are so ruggedly anti-government that they will only support a Libertarian.

Over the last four years, I've had the privilege to travel around and see some of the venom that the Bush administration has inspired. People outside of the States are growing to hate us more and more. Even people here seem to have forgotten what it was that once made them proud to be Americans. Displaying any kind of patriotism in many circles is tantamount to supporting the cultural and economic imperialism that has come to characterize the role of the US in this decade. This has all got to stop.

I want to be proud of what this country is and what it offers again. I don't want to be proud that I can find a Big Mac or a Double Whopper in 150 countries, or that American films play more frequently than German ones IN GERMANY. I don't want to travel abroad and feel like I have to apologize for the way my country is acting, and I don't want to feel like there is some huge divide between "blue states" and "red states" as if the country itself is on the verge of some sort of political silver war. If you don't feel like there's a candidate in this election that really has your number, I can understand that--I've felt that for most of my adult life. If you don't feel like the polemic of a two-party system represents our diversity adequately, I can definitely feel that too. But if you can't find a way with the current choice between Obama and McCain that will at least make you start to feel better about this country, then I don't know what to say.