The album is now finished. James will be handling the mastering shortly, then it will be packed up and shipped off with care to Nicolas in Berlin. I can't say I've ever had a more stressful time making a record. With technical glitches, scheduling headaches, starts and stops, and some debate over creative directions of things, the music is finally done and I've got one of those feelings of relief that the project is finally wrapped up. This is the first Larvae album and definitely the first time I've tried to put together an entire album of abstract, instrumental music, so in many ways making this record has been like a new experience even though I've been involved with recording 4 other albums. It's weird to be making an album and not have songs with lyrics and hooks to anchor your tracklist around. Usually, when working with more pop-styled music, a lot of how you arrange the songs depends on the vocals, the lyrical themes, and the flow of ideas. With this record, there are a ton of ideas, but they are so abstracted that it's much more difficult to know where songs should go, which songs to keep, etc.

Fashion Victim will be out in October, and I hope people can enjoy it, understand it, and think about it a little. It's not a full-on concept album, but it is definitely tied together by a few key ideas. MP3s and a little >i>Fashion Vicitm microsite will be up soon.