It's time again for more things that get my blood pressure up. My blood pressure is actually high, so maybe these people are to blame! In fact, I'm not that dumb, but I sure wouldn't mind straightening some people out.

I went to do laundry last night and there was a dude there with his wife who collectively took up every functional 4 or 5 load machine. Every one of them. Ok, it's a public business and if a person has 300 loads of laundry to do and wants to do them all at once, it's really no different than if someone stands in the bank line with 300 legitimate transactions. However, these folks weren't loading up the 4 load machines with 4 loads of laundry. Far from it, I could see in a lot of the machines that they had just a few things in them, maybe a load or two at the most worth. If they want to spend the extra money to half-load a high capacity washing machine, I guess that's their perogative, but it seems selfish and rude to take up that many resources when you obviously don't need to do so. I wound up leaving my laundry with the attendant to have someone do it for me. While this cost 3 times more than if I had just jammed it in some 2 load machines, the feeling of freedom that came with picking up my nicely washed, dried, and folded clothes was worth it (this once.)

On the plane I recently took to Houston I had a really strange "fat experience." Now it's no secret that I'm bigger than the average bear and I realize it may be uncomfortable for people to sit next to me in a cramped plane or movie theater sometimes. It's not like I'm spilling over into other people's seats or anything, but I know people tend to like their elbow room and knee room and I pretty well fill the space I occupy with soft tissue most of the time. When I got to the row where I was supposed to be sitting, in my assigned seat was a woman who had to be 1.5 times the size of me! That's right, MUCH BIGGER THAN ME. If you haven't looked lately, that means "too damn big for an airplane seat." While I have had my share of uncomfortable airplane seats, squeezing into the armrests and struggling with the seatbelt, this woman was just flat out oozing over into the next seat, taking up about 25% of its surface area. I sat next to her, buckled up, and if I had known her better and could have laid my head on her pillowy upper arm and fallen asleep, things would have been grand. As it was, I felt like I was wearing a human blanket on my left side and it wasn't a matter of re-adjusting how I was sitting. This is the point at which, I'm sorry, you have to buy two tickets. Forget about the airplane restroom that I can barely turn around in, this woman was lucky to get through the doors.

Now, I have nothing but love for her and I hope she's like me and doing something about all that excess baggage, but there comes a point where you have to realize you are inconveniencing other people. Making people slightly uncomfortable psychologically because they have issues with fat people is one thing. Those dicks don't need to sit by me anyway. But making it impossible for someone to even move or sit in the seat they've paid for because your body mass is 4 times that of a normal human being... that's something different.

Which leads me to the next group of people who are cutting my lifespan short... fat haters. There are all kinds of reasons people are fat, and a lot of it (most of it) has to do with people who don't properly regulate their lifestyle. However, mixed in with the people who make bad choices are the people who were brought up on junk, people with deficient metabolisms, people with disabilities that prevent them from being active, etc. To have this blanket attitude that all fat people are that way because they are stupid and lazy is just mean-spirited and wrong. I don't deny that many millions of people have mad dumb choices and need to account for that, but there are a lot of people out there who just have an open disdain for anyone overweight and it's not helpful. I don't hate smokers, I just encourage them to quit when the moment seems right. That's the sort of thing we need more of, not people blogging about how there was this fat girl at the store and she was so gross and blah blah. People have some weirdly discriminatory attitudes towards those who are different, and while it's easy to draw those biases out when it relates to skin color or gender, it's harder for many people to recognize when they are treating others poorly because they value different things, have made different life choices, or have been dealt a shitty hand in life. We could all use a little more compassion, which I'm trying to learn myself for these knockers who load up all the washing machines!