It's been far too long! On the way in to work today, I saw a nice shiny, champagne colored Cadillac Escalade with a Georgia Representative tag on it. It's comforting to know that local politicians are making the kind of jack it takes to buy an Escalade, and that they feel like they need to pimp around in one to boot! I'm sure that for every dick in an Escalade who works in the government there is also some guy puttering to work in his bio-diesel fueled 1978 Mercedes with stacks of papers and magazines piled high in the back seat, but it doesn't help to know that someone in the Georgia government could be driving an Escalade. The Escalade is the ultimate American symbol of excess, if you ask me. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to sit in on a presentation by the marketing firm who helped Jaguar with their current campaign and who rolled out the AmEx Blue card. The guy was explaining how their 'brand print' for Jaguar was something along the lines of 'Jaguar- it's not for everyone.' It was a perfectly designed idea that spoke to the inherent vanity and need for exclusivity amongst luxury car owners, and it showed me that the mooks who create the ads for this stuff really do realize that they are condescending to people most of the time. The Escalade is like a Jaguar-- it's not designed for the average guy; it's an absolute status symbol. You can stand on a street corner in downtown Atlanta and see the Escalades roll by with their perpetually spinning rims, driven invariably by a guy in sunglasses sunk way back into his seat with one hand on the wheel. It's a fantasy vehicle, a ticket into the big leagues of big ballers and straight up gangsta pimps or whatever it is that turns people on these days. Like a Jaguar, the Escalade is designed and marketed to look down at other people on the road to say "yeah, you don't have one of these!" Are you tired of being being stepped on by rich people with excessive cars? I am.