Mac OS X is completely incompatible with Mac OS 9, is that right? At least, if you want to run a program you bought for OS 9 you have to get an upgraded version or a patch to run it in OS X. It seems to me like Mac users are willing to overlook things like launching a whole new OS when it suits them, but don't have a problem making blanket statements about the stupidity of the PC market. I don't care for any of it personally, but PCs are cheaper and do essentially the same thing as far as I am concerned, so I'm not 'making the switch' anytime soon. The cult of Mac has gotten so out of hand. There's nothing like an OS that is supposed to be built on the lowest common denominator inspiring heated techno-elitism! Leave it to the fanboys to rage about anything, I guess. All I know is that when I buy a piece of software, it better work with my hardware, and it better keep working without requiring me to purchase an upgrade... ever. It should always AT LEAST work the same amount that it did when it was released. Software licensing is such a scam anyway... what else do you buy that comes with a note that says "look mister, you don't OWN this, and you didn't PURCHASE it from us, it is just LICENSED to you, and we can revoke that license at any time. Who let this happen?