The tour is winding to a close. I haven't been able to post as regularly as I would have liked and I still have all of the incriminating photos of needle sharing on my laptop, but more details will be up as soon as I get home. Cincinnati was dope. Sometimes the smallest crowds are the best shows. Enduser was a great host and rocked a nice set on the floor, then we went on and got a nice warm reception. The regional delicasy is apparently chili, which I'd like to try but so far the NY Pizza and Philly Cheesesteaks have not lived up to expectations so I'm skipping the chili this time around. Having now spent a week travelling around major cities in the Northeast, it's weird how the development and architechture are so different in these places than in Atlanta. You can tell that Atlanta is in the south because the way its developed and spaced out is just more laid back. In places like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, New York, and Philly, everything is built up high, crammed tightly together, and developed obviously more quickly than it was planned. We'll have to play out west some to see what things are like there. Big ups to Victoria in Albany, a wonderful host and my most favorite person I've met on tour. Thanks also to Jaime for showing us the ins and outs of Cincy, and to all the other folks who have offered us couches and floors to crash on. On to Detroit.