We are still trying to write and record songs for the Ad Noiseam album due out in September. So far, there are a handful of tracks done, but I have no idea if they will all mesh together into one cohesive release, or if some tracks will fit together better than others once they are all done. We'll be playing mostly new material at our show in Orlando to give it all a test run. At the last show we played at the Echo Lounge, we played almost all new songs and people seemed to be pretty receptive. New songs thus far include:

Dither (an old, old song resurrected with new sounds)

Refuse (the newest one that is done-bursts of noise that mellow over time)

The Voice Collapse (my favorite so far, nice and crunchy 100 bpmish track not unlike a more melodic REDLINE)

Anthrobasis (featuring Magicicada)

Wreck (strange, slow monster of crunchy beats)

Still Raw (still in progress, but this is the first dnb style track so far)

Man, is that it? Gotta ramp up production. The Dalek remix took a lot of time, and we are going to be working on a remix for Displacer, but we've gotta nail down about 6 more songs first. Ouch.