Okay, it's not like I watch Entertainment Tonight on a regular basis, but I happened to be flipping past it when I caught a shot of Mary Hart interviewing Harrison Ford. Now, the media likes to paint Ford as a 'recluse' who is very shut off from the public life that his celebrity entails. It's probably closer to the truth to characterize him as a sane human being who doesn't like to have people taking a picture of him every time he takes a dump any more than the next person, and as someone who doesn't feel like his personal life is anyone else's business. I wouldn't know for sure, because I've never met him.

However, in this interview, Mary Hart was trying to play the role of the sympathizer by phrasing questions like 'so, how is your relationship with Calista Flockhart going?' as 'It must be hard for you to have the media always asking about your private life.' The way she turned this around, as if she were NOT a member of the media and NOT part of a show that thrives on stalking celebrities to get the dirt on their private lives was amazing! She was nodding, with her head titled to the side in that classic gesture of 'understanding' when she further probed about how things were going with Ford's girlfriend, all the while trying to agree that 'Yes, the media can be so intrusive and annoying.' HELLO FUCKING MARY HART! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!

This, of course, comes from Mary Hart, who is so talentless and vain that she had her legs insured for a million or so dollars because the opening shot of her on Entertainment Tonight featured what I suppose she thought was her best attribute- her legs. Well, her best feature certainly isn't her journalistic integrity, her ability to ask probing, intelligent questions, or her knowledge of anything other than celebrity gossip--so insuring her head would have been a waste of time. I hope that other people see this kind of hypocricy in the media and call it out. I was embarrassed for Harrison Ford that he didn't call her out on it, and sad that for a man with such an interesting life that the most pressing thing on Mary Hart's audience's mind was how he and his girlfriend were getting along. It would have been nice to ask him about the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel, but I'll have to leave that for the snobby guy on the Actor's Studio.

This problem was further exacerbated by some special they had on VH1 or E! or one of those networks that focuses almost solely on celebrity gossip about the problems of the papparazzi. I wish I were famous for no other reason than I would be able to give those morons a piece of my mind on a daily basis. I'd love to be vilified as the person who hunted down and beat the crap out of all of those cretins who stalk people to capture their private moments on film for millions upon millions of gossip-hungry housewives and do-nothings to look at. People are disgusting.