I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead. Yes, I've been killed in a comic. On the internet. Life is complete. I spend a lot of time reading news and tidbits at CHUD which just so happens to be not only the best site for movie related banter on the web, but also owned and operated by an Atlanta local. They have a comic strip there called Ron that's about some abstractly drawn cats and a cast of dozens of other characters who get into misadventures or just spring non-sequiter jokes on each other. Anyway, as fate would have it I entered a contest and was picked along with some other readers to be killed in the comic, so you can see the results here: CHUD kills Larvae. I'm not sure what's happening in that strip, so don't ask me to explain it, but hell if it isn't pretty funny to see my comic doppleganger bite the dust.