Someone sent a demo to sub:marine the other day that had a curious thing written on the accompaning letter: "No samples were used in the creation of this music." I've come to expect that sort of thing from rock bands who want to prove they are above 'augmenting' their tracks with sampled drums and things, but this was an all electronic, sort of idm-y collection of tracks from a Canadian guy who is obviously pulling from influences like Boards of Canada, Plaid, etc. I don't really understand the anti-sample movement any more than I understand the anti-midi movement. There is nothing intrinsically less creative about using samples- in fact, I'd argue that it's sometimes harder to make interesting sample-based music than it is to make music with a similar tone with just synths because when working with samples, you have to manipulate the sounds to become your own.

My work is almost entirely sample-based, and I'm not about to change that. I think the idea of drawing the little bits and scrapes of other peoples' records that you like or think might be interesting and merging them into something completely new is just as valid of a method of composition as any other. There are going to be bad, bad examples of that compositional technique (MC Hammer ripping off superfreak for instance) but there are also brilliant works of collage (Beastie Boys-Pauls' Boutique) and cases where people take samples and use them only as raw sound to make new sounds altogether.

So, what's up with the 'we don't use any samples' bravado? And don't get me started on the 'we don't use MIDI' people!