From the minds that brought us "Courtney, this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy." we now have the great fortune to look forward to "It's not called Gym-nice-tics." Bring it On had enough going for it that while it was trite and predictable, it wasn't entirely vapid. Bring it On 2 might as well have been called It's Been Broughten, if that joke hadn't already been used in a movie that parodied the original pretty effectively. Now, from the fertile mind of a writer who obviously likes taking a worn out plot and wrapping it up in teen girl fantasy comes Stick It, a film that would be redundant even if Bring it On didn't exist.

I can only imagine that some creature slithered its way out of The Hell of Spec Scripts to bring the world the idea of a rebellious former gymnast who has turned to a life of extreme sports only to be forced to return to the fluffy, goody-goody world of gymnastics by the long arm of the law. Will this rough-around-the-edges black sheep make it back in the stuffy world of rainbow colored leotards and gym-speak? Will she infuse her routines with a little of her individualism and win over the judges? Will she have a moment where she realizes that she has to do things "her way", thereby proving to her coach, her peers, and her detractors that we all need to be ourselves? I would imagine that none of us need to actually see the film to answer those questions.

What got me really riled up about the flick was the following, however:

First of all, does the target market for this movie (consisting primarily of tween girls and pervy old men, I'd imagine) even know who Black Flag is? Secondly, does dressing the outcast gymnast in a bogus Black Flag shirt add to her "stick it to the man" persona, or take away from it? After all, I can only imagine that the shirt is a compromise from the costume department who wanted to show their punky, x-games-ified heroine in an iconic outsider t-shirt but that they couldn't obtain the rights or agree on a genuninely punk band that wasn't somehow offensive to the studio , so we are all left with this. Maybe this is some ironic NEW band or lip gloss brand or something that is meant to rip Black Flag and I'm not getting it. Either way, have we really come to this?