Tickets for Morrissey start at $55. Tickets for the Pixies, who are at least the original line up playing old songs, started at $35 and sold out in 5 minutes. Even Skinny Puppy tickets were about $30. The routine concert for 'normal folks' (ie, people who don't see their favorite bands in venues that max out at 150 people, where the drummer sells the t-shirts) is $25+ and those events take place in large arenas, civic centers, and places where the acoustics are not at all suited for listening. This really puts into perspective the kind of path I'm on as it relates to people who make a living from making music and entertaining the masses. So you get to pay (literally) up to ten times more for a ticket to a show to sit through a detached, (albeit large-scale) production by your favorite washed-up-and-doing-it-for-the-money stars when you could be out at a tiny venue, talking to and mingling with up and coming artists who have yet to vault over the wall into ticket-scalping land. Everyone reading this should try and see a small or local show of some sort this week, just to reconnect to what that experience is like and breathe a little life into that world. I can recommend a good show on Friday in Atlanta if you're interested. :)