MONSTER MUSIC is here. It's been a great experience working with Nicolas at Ad Noiseam to get these tracks released. We recorded these songs in the summer of 2001, and performed several Monster Music shows around town set to some old Godzilla Super8 movies I have collected. The tracks then sat around on my hard drive for a very long time. I made about 20 copies of the EP on cdr and sent them out to people that had been supporting Larvae in one way or another for quite a while, and the response was really positive. Still, I thought that while the Monster Music EP was a nice, self-contained package, that it might be a mistake to release it into a world that doesn't always understand the kind of geeky, fanboy humor that spawned it.

Monster Music is above all else, a real ode to the Godzilla movies that came out of Japan in the 60's. I used to watch Mothra, Ghidrah, and Mecha-Godzilla on tv when I was a kid and the opportunity to pay homage to those films was too much to pass up. As an otherwise serious musician trying to make 'serious' music with the other folks in Larvae, I've had doubts that Monster Music would be received with the right amount of humor. I don't want Larvae to be perceived as a novelty act, or worse, for people to think that we were trying to be really 'hardcore' by using 'scary' movie samples. Hopefully there is some fun in this disc without resorting to potty-humor or childish antics. Next up will be Fashion Victim, which will be an altogether different experience!

Thanks to everone involved, and a special shout out to Mothboy and The Dustmite who turned in a nice clunky remix of Mothra that finishes off the disc. What would a Monster Music EP be without a sequel?