I've recently gotten more music in the mail than I have time to listen to. The new Tape/Opera was a welcome surprise, and the new releases from Ad Noiseam are terrific. Too much good new stuff that I wish I had more time to enjoy. Of course getting music in the mail is the only way to get the things I'm interested in here in Atlanta, but that's a rant that has burned out by now. No one is listening. We have parts of a Displacer remix to work on that I'd really like to get to now that the other remix is done, but I think we need to focus on finishing our own material first. There's also a project with Horchata that got off to a great start just before we started working on our album, so I hope to get back to those sounds soon. All of this opportunity sometimes generates decision apathy, where I have too many projects that I want to work on and I can't decide which to start so I just sit and stare at the computer.