The post office is going to be closed this Friday in observance of a "National Day of Mourning" for the passing of former President Reagan. This is insulting to me. For one thing, the man will have been dead and cold for a week by the time the "Day of Mourning" is observed. If it was really about MOURNING then it should have happened the day of or immediately after the news of his death. I was in Japan when the emperor died and let me tell you, that was some mourning! The whole country shut down IMMEDIATELY and stayed that way for about a week. Even for us Americans living on a US military base, all entertainment was cancelled, regular tv programming was cancelled, and there was a true sense of loss that permeated everything. While news of Reagan's death has upset some, given others fodder for political cartoons, and left others still unaffected, it is not something that warrants a national day of mourning.

And for another thing, the post office is right up there with the bank in terms of the uselessness of its operating hours. It seems that post office locations are closed for more holidays than just about any other retail business. All of these holidays become an excuse for other retailers to have sales, to capitalize on people being out of work long enough for a trip to the mall or the shoe store. That's why holidays are conveniently observed on Mondays and Fridays. If the sentiment behind the holiday really meant something to us, we'd observe the days on fixed dates. Instead, local chambers of commerce and businesses all over lobby to have long weekends for shopping and general money spending. That's fine. It's more convenient for everyone, and with something like Labor Day which is designed to give workers a break, it makes sense. It just seems that when people can't tell if it's Labor Day or Memorial Day or Veteran's Day or President's day... something about making the day special is lost. Christmas is a good example. That mother is on Dec. 25th whether it means we get an extra day off from work or not; whether we have to go back to work the next day, or not. That, to me, makes more sense.

I'm not going to debate Reagan's accomplishments and failures: he had some of both, as any President does. But we have President's day already, and that seems to take care of Reagan as well as Washington. I just don't like the idea of setting aside a day that will truly affect no one but some Federal Workers and probably just inspire more people to sell Reagan-related shit on ebay.