Ten Things I Learned In Detroit

  1. There are no Vegan restaraunts in Detroit. We asked the PETA people, they said no.

  2. It is cheap to live in downtown Detroit, but no one wants to live there.

  3. People who commute from Canada to work in Detroit sometimes have to leave their lunch at the border.

  4. Windsor is on the other side of the river from Detroit, and could be the same city for all intents and purposes except that it has people and businesses and buildings that are occupied.

  5. It is almost impossible to get something to eat downtown after 3 PM on a Saturday. It IS impossible on Sunday.

  6. Greektown is the only part of Germantown that still seems to be alive, and that's probably only because of the Casino.

  7. The people mover only goes one way, and it is a prime example of too little, too late.

  8. People in Detroit are very nice--at least the ones who aren't trying to rob newspaper vending machines. Everywhere you go, you will be called 'hon' or 'sweets' and people are very helpful with directions and recommendations.

  9. The Free DEMF is an excuse to throw cool afterparties and charge lots of money.

  10. In Detroit,there is a brand new baseball stadium (Comerica Park) surrounded by vacant, decaying buildings that would be full of half-million dollar lofts and condos in Atlanta. The city is dirty and empty and dying and would make a great place to film a Batman movie because there would be almost no need to close streets to non-existing traffic.