As I look upon the prospects of another Presidential election, I can only sigh at the perpetual catch 22 that presents itself every 4 years in this country. This year, it looks as though there's a vocal, almost rabid contingent of people who have one and only goal: GET BUSH OUT OF OFFICE. As much as I agree that Bush shouldn't be running the show, I have a hard time seeing how the 'get Bush out of office' party is going to work. There is little hope that a democrat can defeat Bush. There's no clearly likeable frontrunner for the democrats and there is still really no chance in hell of an independent or third party candidate winning. If you vote this year for the green party or something like that, you can be comfortable knowing that you voted your conscience, but you will undoubtedly be splitting the anti-Bush vote and in effect, helping Bush. If you vote for one of the lame-ass democrats, you will be backing someone sure to lose anyway, and your voice will not be heard in support of your true choice of candidate/party. This is why our electoral process is so flawed and why I am so disenfranchised. It's a fool's hope that you can vote for the president in this country and make a difference. You can vote for local politicians, and I believe we all have a civic duty to be involved in some way in determining how we are governed, but there seems to be little hope in the fight against people like Bush.