I hear from a lot of people about how they just universally hate cops. I think there are a lot of good cops out there and I'm glad to have them on my side at the right time, but events like the one that happened in Utah this weekend definitely fuel the anti-police fire, and with good reason. The cops (and apparently Utah National Guard) busted up a rave in Utah with machine guns, police dogs, and tear gas. The last time I looked, you could shut down a party really quickly by finding the soundman and telling him to turn that shit off. More details are here:

Knick of Evol Intent was there. Here is his account of what happened:
Knick of Evol Intent's story

Though they confiscated most of the cameras to cover their tracks, here is some video footage that got loose:
Scary vieo

People are posting their stories on this thread at utrave:
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