Goofy auctions are fun. Someone needs to be compiling a book or writing a movie about all the weird stuff that goes down on ebay. I remember looking at haunted painting auctions years ago and marvelling at the time people put into the stories they concocted about stupid paintings they bought at garage sales. People have auctioned off souls (their own and, famously, Moby's), their internal organs, babies, half-eaten sandwiches, and boxes of useless junk. I wish ebay would archive these things longer because there's a rich history of comedy there.

The latest craze is auctioning off naming rights to things. People are getting tattoos for casinos, or naming their babies after websites, or auctioning off the naming rights for buildings, cars, and other crap. Naming things, I learned in the non-profit world, is a way you can make money out of nothing. Putting a name above something is an awareness opportunity for companies who's marketing plan calls for them to barrage people with the company name over and over, but it's not much else. So what's that worth to you? What's it worth to name the concession stand at an 80-seat indie movie theater that has not yet opened and is struggling to make the needed repairs so that they can open? That's the question we can all answer by watching this auction for the next 10 days. It's one more in a string of auction/publicity stunts, but it's one from a young couple trying to open a movie theater, so it's kind of interesting for a change. Bryan tipped me off to the Moxie Blog quite some time ago and now it's come to this. Will someone bid this thing through the roof? Will name the concession stand? Would it sell for more if it were haunted? Only time will tell.