New song complete over the weekend called 'Philistine'. This is a good example of the serendipity of language catching up with you. As a writer, I've often felt like I wasn't entirely responsible for the things that I wrote--that there were somehow implicit connections between the words that I wasn't making consciously, but were so strongly there when I read back through my writing that I couldn't help but be thankful that I had unlocked them. Everyone groans in their high school english classes when the teacher tries to tell them that the author meant X, Y, and Z by the words she chose to describe an event. There are going to be people who read too much into things, for sure, but there are also connections between words and ideas that make sense that may not have been on the forefront of an author's mind, but nevertheless work to enhance the meaning of the finished product.

I had been thinking a lot about issues related to Christianity as I was working on this song, and as is usually the case, I had no idea for a name until I was forced to save the program and sequence. The first thing that came to mind was 'philisitine' which I knew was vaguely Biblical, but whose meaning wasn't coming to mind other than it was a somewhat derrogatory thing, I thought. I looked it up and it refers to a person who is ignorant of the arts and culture, brutish, and that was exactly what was on my mind this week (you can see it yourself in the blogs.) I had been thinking a lot about people who are exceedingly middle-of-the-road, and that's exactly what this word means! Chalk one up for the human brain!