I love and hate Atlanta sometimes. We have one of THOSE kinds of relationships. Sometimes in the same day, I will get extremely depressed and disappointed with this town and then later feel so immensely glad that I live here that I can't think of moving.

I took a stack of CDs to sell to a local record store that deals in used stuff. The positive side of this is that Atlanta at least has a record store (or three) that aren't part of a multinational chain and that stock at least some of the music that I like. The downside is, whenever I take in a stack of stuff to sell, almost no one ever knows what any of it is. This isn't bad music, and it's not complete no-name, micro-label stuff either. It's diverse and somewhat hard to find, but the clerks at stores usually look at me like I just brought in a stack of CDRs from emo bands in Iowa whenever I bring in stuff to sell.

I understand the reservation to an extent--if a clerk doesn't know what something is, how is he/she supposed to sell it to a customer? Then again, why does it seem like the clerks have so little experience with certain types of music, and seemingly so little interest in learning more? The stuff I was ditching will probably just be given away to friends because I have too many CDs and not enough room for them all. I wasn't so much trying to make a buck as I was trying to recycle this stuff rather than tossing it in the bin. Days like this remind me that the little corner of the music business universe that I travel in is made up of tiny, fractured niches and that there is so much going on that no one can reasonably keep up with all of it. But there are resources like Brainwashed out there to help you at least TRY.