The Larvae FAQ

  1. 1.When are you playing out again? Believe it or not, this is the most common question I get asked. It's so frequent, in fact, that it has lead me to believe that in many people's eyes, the validation of a 'band' or musical project is live performance. No one EVER asks "so, when are you doing another remix" or "when is your next record due", that is until after they've asked about playing live. For now, the answer to the live question is: We won't be playing for a while unless something really, really good comes along. We have to work on a new batch of videos, record a couple of new records, polish everything, then figure out how to do it all live and keep it interesting. That's going to take some time. I wouldn't expect another show until at lest March, 2005. But I am extremely grateful for the interest!

  2. 2.Who does your videos? Bryan and I make the videos. It's safe to say he does most of the real work on them, I just come up with the ideas and then act like a producer/director and nitpick over the editing. Sometimes we film stuff in which case I may or may not be involved, but when it comes to editing, animating, and video-capturing, that's all Bryan.

  3. 3.Are you going to release a DVD of your videos? This is another of those questions where I'm glad that there is interest, but I just feel like a bubble-burster. I don't think a DVD of the videos is going to happen, even though it has been discussed. For one thing, the videos people like so much are usually the ones that include gratuitous video sampling, corporate bashing, and a liberal flogging of copyright laws. We can get away with it live because it's limited and temporal, but when you start putting that sort of thing on a disc and selling it, you get lots more people involved. Also, while the videos are made to go along with specific songs, they are also made to be the accompaniment in a live show. If you really sit and watch some of them at home, I think you'll find them sort of funny but boring. They work with a crowd, with loud music, and with Chris and I jumping around like idiots, but I'm not sure they work as a standalone. They aren't supposed to. We DO have some original, narrative type video material and some art-installation video work that might make it onto a DVD at some point, but the crazy Kill Bill type stuff would have to be an Easter Egg. ;)

  4. 4.What do you use to make your music? It's a pretty boring and small list really, but here goes.

    In my studio, I use:

    Pentium 4 running Win2000

    Steinberg Cubase SL

    Native Instruments Kontakt

    Novation V-Station

    M-Audio Oxygen8 Controller

    Echo Mia soundcard

    Alternately, Chris is on a Mac running:

    Abelton Live

    Native Instruments (pretty much all of their stuff)

    Whatever other magical potions and weird home-made things he can find

  5. 5.How is it touring and stuff? It's kind of great and kind of terrible all at once. I tend to get sick when I'm around a lot of cigarette smoke, and I don't go out much so being at a club 5-6 nights a week isn't really my idea of a good time. However, having the immediate, sometimes visceral reaction of an audience to the music and videos is probably the best thing about making music. I love recording and being in the studio and hearing a finished song, but playing to an enthusiastic crowd is more immediately fun and rewarding. I like to talk to people at shows too, and I meet a lot of interesting folks on the road. Chris likes to party a little more than I do so if you want to buy someone a drink, buy him one. All in all, touring is usually a break-even or lose-money endeavor, and we do it because we want to get the record out there, get the music out there, and find our audience.

  6. 6.Didn't you used to run a label or something? Yeah, I did. The day I stopped focusing on the label and started focusing on Larvae, good things started to happen. Maybe I'm just better at being a musician than I am at running a label. The website is still up at but there's not much activity there. You can still order from the catalog and listen to mp3s, though. One day, I'll get back into that game, maybe.

  7. 7.What is it like working with Ad Noiseam? It's the best. No one is going to be able to quit their jobs any time soon as a result of being on Ad Noiseam, but who expects that anyway? Working with a label that respects your work, wants to see you succeed, and actually DOES SOMETHING about it is amazingly cool. I would recommend Ad Noiseam to everyone except I think Nicolas gets enough demos as it is and doesn't really need too many more! Really though, it's pretty awesome and I have only good things to say. This has been a paid advertisement for Ad Noiseam Records, Inc. Management is not responsible for the views expressed.

  8. 8.Can I get a remix pack from you, or will you remix my band? Unfortunately on the remix pack tip, I have gotten burned exactly 100% of the time when I've mailed a disc with sounds to some stranger requesting one. People like to think they will have time and motivation to do these mixes, and I admit I have bailed on a mix or two myself, but it takes time and effort to put those things together and to never see a return is annoying. So, I don't really send remix packs out anymore. We still do remixes for other people, and I love that and entertain those offers quite frequently. But as for remixing Larvae goes, while we'd love it if serious people took a crack, I'm tired of mailing out discs to people who bail.