Kirkwood Baller's Club was once again, "Ballin'" last night? What does that even mean? I love the idea of KBC but I'm not sure I'm down with the nomenclature. I don't think of myself as a Baller. I don't pretend to know what some 'next shit' is, or what the 'next level' is. I don't get crunk. All of that was funny for a while, but it's been irrevocably played at this point. It's nice that the event keeps rolling on though, and despite a PA that didn't seem to want to handle the madness of the new tracks, last night was a lot of fun. I need to get down there more often to test out/try out new shit. I feel like a schlub playing tracks out of Traktor and tweaking EQ's and calling it a performance, but that's the beauty of the KBC. It's an 'anything goes' kind of night, and it's not the sort of thing where you want to bring a big set up that requires a soundcheck, a table, or whatever. So, faux-bling lingo notwithstanding, I'll try and make it back up there soon.