One question I get asked a lot in interviews and by people interested in Larvae is "how do you think the social and political messages that your music is about get communicated by abstract, instrumental music?" It's a fair question, but its one that I think will be answered a little more clearly on this tour. The music itself obviously can't carry the detail of these writings, or of simple conversations I have with people all the time about some of the issues and ideas behind the album. The songs need to be able to stand on their own and breathe and be entertaining in a way that straight up brow-beating commentary cannot. And not only that, but the songs are inspired by certain ideas and themes, but they aren't necessarily a position statement about those themes. I hope they serve as a springboard for some discussion, but I'm not trying to get someone to listen to a song and think a certain thing.

With the live show, I'm hoping we can provide even more of a platform for people to leap off into discussions and reflections on some of the ideas behind the record. Seeing Chris and I bob our heads to some beats will probably only interest those select few in the audience who are deeply enamored with human motion studies, so we're trying to bring along some visuals for the show that will work with some of the same ideas as the songs. Seeing Consolidated when I was a teenager had a great affect on me; not only did their videos heighten the urgency of their message, but they were also entertaining and well-integrated with the music. Our stuff will be appropriately more abstract, but I'm hoping it will give people something to watch and serve as a way to more explicitly connect some of the songs to their underlying themes. Finally, the mystery of Tonystark will be revealed!