Why do so many people making electronic music act the same? For that matter, why do so many people act the same? I wish I had more free time, because I'd like to do a content analysis on appearances of Avril Levigne in Rolling Stone over the last year. We get Rolling Stone because its free or something, and its always interesting to see the very popular, public point of view about music expressed as it is in Rolling Stone. Other magazines that are perhaps equally commercial and 'above ground' like Spin are actually so wrapped up in their need to appeal to their narrowly targeted demographic, that they can't even give a straight page to discussion of people like Bob Dylan or the Beatles. RS seems to be a little less skewed, but it's still awfully manipulated and constructed to yield album sales. After I finish my Rolling Stone content analysis, I'd like to complete a comparitive study of review ratings and ad space as they appear in Outburn. Has anyone else noticed that the median score for an album review in Outburn is around 7.5 out of 10? Outburn is smaller, but the same as anyone else. Actually, maybe they are more open about their 'pay to play' sort of business plan. Does the openness make them less evil?