Did you ever have to swish with Fluoride in school? I'm learning that maybe this was a DoDDS thing that affected kids in schools on foreign US Military bases more than average kids here in the States. I remember that fluoride treatment like it happened this morning: the squirt bottle with the blueish liquid; the small paper or plastic cups all lined up on a media cart, the 30 seconds we had to keep the vile juice in our mouths. It was all torture and there's a movement now to get fluoride out of the water due to possible cancerous side-effects. And of course, who could forget the crazy Colonel from Dr. Strangelove who warned us all that fluoridated water was a trick by the communists to steal a man's essence?!

The local burrito bar that I've been going to ever since I moved to Atlanta (El Myr-recommended!) serves shots and shooters in Fluoride cups and I swear that just looking at them stacked up behind the bar elicits a strong enough taste memory to cause me to feel nauseous. That fluoride was so repulsive that even though I haven't been around it in nearly 20 years, I can still taste it on the tip of my tongue. That's weird, right?