How To Become A Vegetarian

Step 1: Go to a Brazillian steakhouse where they serve you cuts of meat off of long skewers, cut with a sword.
Step 2: Say "yes, I'll try some" every time the gaucho asks if you want some bloody, rare cut of beef.
Step 3: Promise yourself never, EVER, to do that again. Wait a few minutes, decide it's probably best if you don't ever go near meat again.

I don't think I'll really stick to that, actually, but the Brazillian steakhouse (as good as some of it was) is just a little too cave-man for me. You don't get any sides or dipping sauces, you just get a plate full of flesh, and it suddenly becomes very obvious that you are eating animals. Eating burgers is one thing. Eating bacon is one thing. Eating a chicken breast is even okay because it's so divorced from the idea of a bird. But man, cutting thick, sinue-y cuts of nearly raw meat and chewing, and chewing, and chewing and hoping to god that they will eventually break down so that you can swallow them... yeah, it's kinda gross.