In a new low, our nation's leaders have found it in their wisdom to subsidize America's love of large, fuel-guzzling automobiles. If you were thinking of getting a truck or SUV this year, make sure you come up with a schedule-c class home-based business first. For the cost of creating your own home-based LLC for selling your mom's meatloaf door to door, you can get a tax write-off for up to $100,000 towards the purchase of a vehicle that, when loaded, weighs more than 6,000 pounds. This means you can finally afford that Suburban you've always wanted to run people over with, or even better, that you can get the U.S. Government to pay for that Hummer you've been eyeing. Sure, you'll never use it to carry 3,000 pounds of aforementioned meatloaf, but what's the difference? The point is, you were PLANNING on hauling meatloaf, but the business just didn't make it. Oh well.

This is another unbelievable move by a government completely out of touch with the people it has been elected to govern. The previous write-off for a vehicle of this sort was $25,000, but with the help of auto-industry lobby, it has been increased to $100,000 and why not? Luxury SUV's can cost upwards of $50,000 and the old write off just wasn't working! The worst part about this is that I didn't hear about this from the news, from the paper, or from someone trynig to alert me to the potential tax-loophole as a problem; I first heard about this legislation from a car ad encouraging people to come in and pick up a Hummer using the tax break. Thanks a lot Congress.