The new Larvae record, Loss Leader is out now on Ad Noiseam and it's the first record we've made that is available for digital download. Those who might be interested can buy a high quality MP3 version of the record from the label itself, from Beatport, and from where it can actually be purchased with Pepsi Points! That's right, we are now trading our music for Pepsi, though I assume that Amazon will pay us in cash rather than soda.

This new step forward is exciting, and I've already been delving into all of the mechanics of it. I've been looking at and for data. I've been comparing the different sites and the way they work to sell the tracks and it's all very eye opening. I was pushing for independent musicians to embrace new markets for their music in a previous post and now that it's my turn, I'm finding that there is a lot to think and probably write about.

For instance, I never thought that anyone would be able to trade Pepsi caps for my work. I'm not happy or sad about it, just a little amused at the thought that I've taken such an anti-consumerist stance in previous Larvae work and that I am now the unwitting promotional partner for Pepsi. It's good, I think; it means that more people will be able to listen to Larvae and see what the music is all about. How Pepsi and Amazon work their payment out is really up to them. Ultimately, it's just amusing to be a part of that large corporate cycle, and it raises certain questions about the potential content of the music.

I'm sure that the disclaimers buried in all of Amazon's legal mumbo jumbo make this very clear, but I can imagine something like the following: a band puts out some sort of violently anti-semitic record that gets picked up by a distributor who happens to work with Amazon, the tracks get loaded for sale on and some 14 year old uses his Mountain Dew caps to download the songs. Of course the parents are ultimately responsible for what the kid is getting into, but can't you just see the headline: "Pepsi gives away hateful music to teens." It's a weird world, and stranger things happen all the time.