The Disposable Heros of Hiphoprisy were able to accomplish a tremendous amount in a small amount of time. I can't say I've been as excited about Michael Franti's Spearhead project as I was about the Disposable Heros and Beatnigs work, but there are moments on that Disposable full length that are just amazing. Of course, it helped to have Pistel and Jack Dangers working on the record, but some of the brilliance came from the palyers themselves. The metal percussion is so seamlessly worked into the mix, the songs all had hooks, and the lyrics were head and shoulders above most of their contemporaries. There's a line in "Music and Politics" that I often go back to: "I can express more emotions than laughter, anger, and let's fuck." That line says so much about the music I am trying to make now, and the obstacles to getting people to understand what Larvae songs are about.

There is more to the potential pallette of sounds and ideas than "GRRRRR, I'm angry," and we often approach things with a bit more nuance. But often, nuance is perceived as "This isn't hard enough," or "This is not as violent sounding as that." Personally, I could give a shit because making music is not a pissing contest and we are not creating sounds and songs to out-pummel the other guys out there. We are never going to out-Venetian the Snares, out-Scorn the Harris, out-Aphex the Twin, etc. It's not about that. Miles once said something interesting to me when I told him I thought a song of his had a strangely abrupt ending. He said something like "It ends the way I wanted it to end." and that was great because it made me think not about how I thought he should have made the song, but about how he did make it.