Finished mixing down a couple tracks at Zero Return on Monday. It was our first time in a real studio since I can't remember when, and the session went pretty well. Zero Return is an aggressively analog studio, and proud of it. I figured this would be a good place to mix down aggressively digital music, to perhaps bring something to our mixes that isn't usually there. Rob, the engineer/owner plays bass in Man or Astroman? and knows his way around the room, so that made things go pretty smoothly. We mixed down the Dalek remix I've been working on for several weeks and a track called 'Dither' that may or may not make it onto our album. Actually, depending on what Dalek thinks of the mix we are turning in for them, who knows, maybe neither of these tracks will ever see the real light of day, but I think we got a solid mix out of Zero Return and we'll probably go there to mix the rest of the new record there. I have no idea what it will be called yet. I'm very stuck on my aversion to fashion at the moment, so that will certainly play a part at least in some of the songs.