Somehow I managed to get stuck in front of 90 minutes of America's Next Top Model last night and it was one of the most gruesome and infuriating 90 minutes I've spent in a long time. The easy solution would have been to turn the TV off and do something constructive, but I wanted a little escapism before returning to work on some music. Reality television is the blistering sore on the already chapped ass of a medium that only barely passes as entertainment. I can't say that there is anything at all entertaining about America's Next Top Model, but there was something magnetically fascinating about it.

The astute will recall that we released a record called Fashion Victim that had just a little bit to do with the absolute lunacy that is the fasion industry and people who associate with it and follow it. I've certainly met people who are either fashion designers or make up artists or who are otherwise engaged with that industry who have a love for the creative aspect of it and don't seem mired with all of the superficial poison that it usually swims in, but I'd imagine that those people are a small island in a sea that is otherwise polluted with the absolute worst kind of human beings who aren't actually criminals.

This show, if it's anything like the revealing look at the industry that it intends to be, confirmed every suspicion I had about fashion, and strengthened my every misgiving. An entire industry built on nothing more than appearance seems to breed people who are self-indulgently cruel. It was frankly amazing to watch people who would say things that made absolutely no sense, and then watch them dig deeper and deeper into their own shit as if to hide behind it. I was reminded of the prank Sacha Baron Cohen pulled on a fashion designed on one of the Ali G shows where he would say something like "this line seems to be about openness and space" and the designer would agree, then later in the same interview he'd say "this line is all about being closed in and controlled" and the designer would agree again. It's clear from body language and from a simple understanding of the english language that a lot of what the designers and stylists and so-called experts were spouting at the girls in this competition was complete nonsense that just sounded good to them and that they ran with. Like most charlatan acts, if anyone ever questions what a ridiculous phrase like 'she doesn't have that special something' actually means, the question is met with a dismissive 'you just don't get IT' sort of response.

In astrology and psuedo-science and dream analysis and lots of other hokey disciplines, the easy way to respond to criticism is to pretend to be beyond it through some logical loop hole. You are mad because you hate your father for having sex with your mother, and if you don't believe that you are repressing those feelings so there--argue with that! It's the same with these guys who prance around and fling utter nonsense at these girls who are trying to please everyone and are ultimately just being beaten into the ground for it arbitrarily. If you don't 'get it' then it's a 'you problem' and you are dismissed for being an ignorant (and probably ugly and unglamorous) outsider.

Well, I tried to watch this shit for 2 hours to see what it was all about, to figure out what I was missing and to clear up what misconceptions I had about that world. All that 90 minutes spent with that show did was reinforce my scathing hatred for fashion and fasion people and the industry built on making people hate themselves.