The Georgia Aquarium has been open for all of 3 hours and the place is already on my hitlist. Bernie Marcus, one of the founders of Home Depot, put up the money for the $200,000,000 attraction (that costs over $20 to get into), and who is the aquarium mascot? None other than Deepo the fish.

Yes, Deepo the fish, a not-so-cleverly disguised tie-in for Marcus' company, Home Depot. I'm sure that if you look hard enough, you'll see that Deepo is just the right pantone shade of orange to reflect the corporate synergy between the aquarium and its founder and major sponsor. We can all see the marketing opportunities now as kids from all over the state are bused to the aquarium to learn about marine life and the virtue of Home Depot all at once.

This sort of thing makes me angrier than most other kinds of sneaky marketing because it's an obvious attempt to snare kids in with a corporate message (that's not even related to fish!) It's an ugly world we live in sometimes, and when we raise a generation of kids who are more familiar with Ronald McDonald and Deepo the Fish than they are the presidents of their own country, we shouldn't have far to go to figure out why.