We got the first vocals for the new record today from Scalper. Scalper works with 2nd Gen in London and I met him at the show we played together in France last summer. I was really excited to get some vocals this time around, but once I got the disc I realized that there's never been a vocal Larvae track, and that was on purpose.

Larvae started as my attempt to get away from vocals because I was in a band at the time and I wanted something more pure and less collected and democratic than a band. After doing this for seven years, it's strange to let other people into the fold again, especially as voices.

Voices and words take over songs and hold them hostage. Once you've heard a song with lyrics and vocals, you can't unhear it that way. No matter how interesting or detailed the production is on a song, the vocal will always sit in the middle, front and center, hogging the spotlight and playing vehicle to almost all of the song's meaning. Having someone sing on a record is like giving up control in a way, because it means that you are no longer solely responsible for what people do or don't get about the music. As a producer, I can still manipulate the song to try and pick a vocal that fits what I want, or (as in this case) write a song specifically for a vocalist to play to that person's strengths or style, but ultimately, the voice is the focus as soon as it's audible.

Luckily, I'm really happy with Scalper's contribution and it's in fact made me even more excited to get MORE vocals for the record. Now if I could only get a couple of songbirds from Athens on board...