Well, that's it then. No courts, no masses of voters being turned away at the polls, no hanging chads--the simple truth is that this country is populated by more people that believe Bush and the Republicans are the way to go. It sinks in now, that not only do I live in a place where the culture and art I like are largely disregarded by the majority of people, but even my views on issues are not shared by a majority. Is it a media war, a sham or a voting system, a restrictive and unecessarily polemic political system? Sure, it's all those things, but what really matters is that more than half of the country thinks we are going in the right direction. So the question isn't who do we blame, but how do we convince those other 60 million or so people that they are wrong about some things? How do we talk without it becoming a political diatribe about gay issues, about taxes, about retirement plans, about medicare? We don't need any more parties and politics, we need solutions. Who takes credit and who is sitting on the throne when these problems are solved is really inconsequential, as long as the problems are solved. That's enough about all this. I need to move on to my happy place. If you have a GameCube controller and want to join in on my X-Men Legends campaign, let me know.