Time for some Rants

My Outkast Jacket
Yeah, I like Outkast, so fucking deal with it. When we went on tour last April, I had my Outkast hoodie in tow because it was cold. Also because I like it. People on tour would be all like "that's not Outkast the band is it?" as if a dude at an 'idustrial' show wasn't allowed to like Outkast. Whatever. I used to get a lot of compliments on the jacket actually, mostly from black folks who thought it was cool, liked Outkast, or whatever. Now, I'm getting weird looks and the same question over and over from some close-minded people who have the audacity to ask me "what are you doing with an Outkast jacket?" I apparently don't look like a typical Outkast fan despite the fact that I'm usually rockin' baggy jeans, adidas sneakers, and my hoodie. The only thing left is the fact that I'M WHITE. Yeah, so white folks, what the hell do we know about Outkast? (someone actually asked me that once, too) Frankly, it's starting to piss me off. Dude today was all like "what are you doing in some Outkast?" and I was like "I like them a lot," etc etc etc. I hate having to explain this to people, but even more, I hate the reverse racism that people don't even realize they are exhibiting. What would someone say if I walked up to a black dude downtown in a suit and asked him what he was doing dressed like that? I'd get beat up or locked in jail for a being a bigot, but it's apparently okay the other way. Fuck that.

Now, I love the police. I am appreciative of what they are there to do, and I admire them for wanting to put themselves at risk to protect the public good. Not all cops are that straight, but I think a lot are. The problem is, what the hell was going on this morning when a guy stole a gun in the coutrhouse, gunned three people down, then escaped and carjacked a vehicle and got away in the middle of downtown Atlanta? How did a cop not stop this? The sirens and speeding cars and helicopters started raging at about 9:30, I have no idea when the actual shooting took place, but while there are dozens of officers on a manhunt downtown, somehow, the guy with the gun still managed to get away. Hopefully they will catch him soon, but how does something like this happen? It makes me think of all those times I get a ticket for something like having an expired fucking tag. Not that me having an expired tag is excusable, but it seems like the police are so reactive rather than proactive sometimes. Catch this guy and save some face, please.

Foodservice People, Let's Work It Out
It's not hard to listen to someone give you a food order and then fulfill that order. I have done it THOUSANDS of times in my pizza days. When I say "just a little sauce", I don't mean "the same amount of sauce you always put on something," that's clear. Anyway, it's not so much the food people's fault for not listening, it's the culture we live in that always values more as better. I bought a Snicker's bar the other day that said "Crammed with Maximum Peanuts." What the fuck? There's a federal food safety standard that says how many peanuts you can put in a candy bar? That's ridiculous. Marketing people though, want to believe that we all perceive value in terms of quantity. This is why shitty chinese buffets will always thrive--because the allure of ALL YOU CAN EAT for $6.99 outweighs "A reasonable, but well-prepared portion for $6.99". Every company is cramming more peanuts, more sugar, more raisins, more cheese, and more sauce into every foodstuff ever made, and you know what, it doesn't make most of them better. A sandwich drowned in mustard tastes like nothing but mustard. A candy bar with 'extra nuggat' is missing the balance. Cereal with '20% more dried fruit' is just soggier and less like cereal than before. No one gets asked "do you want more of everything crammed in the same package?" we just get it. So when you tell someone 'light on the sauce,' it means "still too much sauce, but less than the guy who is swimming in it." Thanks foodservice.

Man, I was going to go on with another 5 or 6 things, but I am feeling like a negative nelly and this has already been therapeutic. If we can ever inspire people to just think a little more, man, the world could be such a more interesting place.