Thank you, FCC. I was beginning to worry about the Fox's, AOLTimeWarners, and Clear Channels of the world who were being unfairly held back from making maximum profits for their shareholders by those obsessively restrictive Media Ownership guidelines. There are, in fact, a few radio stations in Atlanta that are not yet controlled by Clear Channel. There are even a few concerts in town that are not promoted by Clear Channel, and it would have been unfair to keep them from deciding what all of Atlanta gets to hear and see.

After all, this is a FREE MARKET--an economic enviroment governed by one and only principle: profit. Government has meddled in the affairs of business for too long with regulations, restrictions, rules, and penalties. It's time we freed the corporations of the world up for an all out assault on the final vestages of choice and freedom of expression we have left here. The sad fact is, that we let it happen. I see these people every day--the people who willingly cling to the latest reality tv show's 'characters' and who line up cheerfully to buy Kelly Clarkston CDs and Sprite Remix soda bottles. I see the kids every day downtown with the $120 NBA jerseys, and the kids in the mall with the $29 knock-offs. I was at the mall last week to see a movie and every single person sitting in the food court besides me had a Chick-fil-A bag on their table. I was just wondering how well a boring, homogenized fast-food chain like Chik-fil-A would do in a mall and then I looked and noticed that not one table lacked a bag or cup from Chick-fil-A despite about ten other (mostly better) choices for food. People who sound spiteful when they call people sheep are just calling the kettle black, and only sound miffed about it because they've already realized the futility.

CD prices at a 'normal' store are upwards of $18, almost everyone in my office has at least one SUV in the immediate family, and Bruce Almighty has grossed enough money to feed an entire town for a month. I point these things out because when the FCC decides to grant a victory to big business, to take away the public airwaves and let the highest bidders partition them for profit, I think there are very few who will notice. It will just mean that Pepsi and Brittany are easier to find than ever. And that's a good thing, right?