Enter Bandcamp

As the world turned, I slept on Bandcamp. After all, I'd had a handmade website for my band since 1998, an MP3.com page where we sold CDs and MP3s, and a Myspace page where hundreds of people were linking to and listening to my songs all the time. Larvae had a presence on Last.fm and a profile on Disgogs, a Soundcloud account, and more and more. Bandcamp felt like yet another platform that would fill up with noise, making the signal impossible to find.

Sometime in the last handful of years, Bandcamp grew up into a healthy platform used by artists and labels of all sorts to do basically one thing: get music to the masses. This might have been MP3.com's initial ambition, but if so, they never got there amidst the download charts and flood of creatively bankrupt copycats.

Even as late as a few years ago, I felt antagonistic about Bandcamp. After all, I still had my own homegrown website to promote my goings on, and a pre-built, template platform for selling music just felt like training wheels.

But I was wrong. You go where the people are. And Bandcamp is pretty alright.

So there's a new Larvae Bandcamp page here. The first release is a digital download version of "Seclusion Dub" which was originally released as one side of the split 7" single with Miles Tilmann on sub:marine records back in 2003. Yes, the song is almost 15 years old and you know what, I still like it a lot. Included with Seclusion is a remix that Miles did called "Seclusion March." I don't think this was ever properly released, so now, it is!

One of the things that always put me off about Bandcamp was the feeling that it was too easy for people to dump garbage up there. With no filter and no quality control, the platform itself can tend to make the products on it feel less valuable. I don't want the Larvae site to be that. So, everything that goes up on Bandcamp is a real release, produced with the same care and attention that would go into making a CD or a vinyl record. If you want to stream B-sides and oddities, you can do that on the Soundcloud page (where Seclusion was also published.)

I love vinyl records--the big artwork, the collectible artifact--but in an age when most people simply stream music through a handheld device, I don't think they are the best medium for me.

Be on the lookout for new Larvae digital releases coming soon. 

Larvae - Seclusion

Larvae - Seclusion