Ticketblog Returns

Ten years ago, I began writing about my concert experiences. From 1990 to about 1996, I saved every ticket stub to every concert I attended. Those stubs served as a great focal point for reflecting on the music and people that colored in the lines of those formative years. The stories are all listed here in chronological order.

After I started touring with LARVAE and playing shows (sometimes with some of my musical heroes,) I found that I wasn't collecting tickets anymore. Usually this was because I was getting into the shows without a ticket. Sometimes it meant that I had some kind of print-at-home ticket, and much later, an e-ticket.

Sometimes these stories are about the bands, the shows, and the music. Sometimes they are just about what was going on in my life when I went to a show. Sometimes they are embarrassing. But I've resurrected that writing from 10 years ago and I hope to keep it going whenever I find new tickets.

You can have your cell phone video of the band playing. I'll keep my ticket stubs.