Exit Strategy - The Beginning of the Story

Over the years, I have published a lot of words on this here internet. I started with a regular proto-blog back in 1999-2000 on the original Underwater and sub:marine websites. That content is actually still available through the magic of archive.org

I have traveled beyond the borders of my own web domain from time to time, keeping a film blog at CHUD.com, writing about my early musical exploits in GOG, and coughing up various other thoughts on Posterous. Now I'm coming back to Zeroplate.com to share a little bit about the making of the new Larvae record.

This Liner Notes section has a little bit of everything from straight-up tracklistings and credits to rememberances of records past and the people who helped to make them a reality. With the newest album, Exit Strategy, I plan to run a series of articles here that dive into some depth about the process of making this record. If that sounds interesting to you, please do bookmark this page, set up an RSS feed, or just check back when you get a tweet about it. It's a long story, and I have a lot to say.