Unraveled Ears

Title : Unraveled Ears
Format : 12"
Release Date : June 26, 2006
Label : Ad Noiseam
Tracklist :
A1: Reset (Enduser)
A2: What's Left of Starting Over
B1: Kill It (Larvae Killed It) (Enduser)
B2: Warding (Enduser Remix)


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes and C.Burnett
Mastered by C-Drik

Ad Noiseam suggested that we work on a dance-oriented split 12" with Enduser, and Unraveled Ears was the result.  The A side contains two new tracks, one each by Enduser and Larvae.  The B side contains a remix that we did for Enduser's song "Kill It" and a remix he did for "Warding" from our album Dead Weight.

When asked what we should call the record, Lynn had no opinion so I suggested an anagram of Larvae and Enduser and the best result was UNRAVELED EARS.  We used Scrabble tiles to spell out the names on the record's inner label to solidify the joke.