Title : Seclusion Dub
Format : 7"
Release Date : March, 2003
Label : sub:marine

Tracklist :
A: Double (Miles Tilmann)
AA: Seclusion Dub


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes, B.Meng, and C.Burnett
Mastered by James Salter

Seclusion Dub was written as a response to the Miles Tilmann track Double that features on the A-side of this split 7" single. Miles sent us his track and we essentially broke it into 3 pieces, locked it to a tempo, and then wrote a new song on top of it at half the speed. The idea was to have a 7" with two perfectly compatible tracks that djs could spin together to make on-the-fly remixes. While the bass in both tracks together gets to be too much to handle, it's definitely possible to use Seclusion as an accented beat to Miles' track, or to mix Double under our track to give it more movement. Both tracks stand alone as well, of course.